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Car engine oil is a must product for engine life. Engine oil increases the efficiency and energy of the engine. It also leaves excellent effects on engine performance. Your car needs a regular oil change. Engine oil would be like food for your car. If it didn’t get proper food (oil) on time, your car would get seized. The main objective of engine oil is to save the engine’s parts from excessive friction and heat. It spreads all around engine parts and helps them to move smoothly. Car engine temperature gets high due to moving parts and combustion. The engine oil maintains the heat in the engine. You can also check engine parts’ performance through engine oil whether they are working correctly or not. Are you thinking about which is the best engine oil for a car, so we mention some of the best engine oil below?

Types of engine oil:

Three types of engine oils are available for the car.

  1. Mineral
  2. Synthetic
  3. Semi-synthetic

Oil changes benefits:

A regular oil change of engine reduces the risk of engine trouble:

  • The oil change is good for the environment
  • Frequent oil changes raise engine parts life and help to move them smoothly.
  • It makes car engines well and good in performance.
  • Oil change impacts engine fuel efficiency.

Understanding the GRADE numbers of oil:

You must know about the grade number of oil. It makes your choice easy according to engine needs.

You can look at the numbers with W. before W; numbers tell oil’s viscosity for low temperatures.

After W, the number shows the viscosity for warm temperature. Lower-grade oil is thin in thickness, and higher-grade oil is thicker in consistency. Low density makes oil more liquid and makes it easy to flow around.

1- TriboTEX Nano-Oil Additive Car Engine


Tribotex is designed with the latest Nanotechnology by the national science foundation, NASA, US Department of energy. The oil protects the engine by making an excellent coating. It saves the engine from damage.

The best quality is that it is suitable for gas and diesel engines. You can use it in old and new cars without any hesitation. The tribotex is the perfect engine booster.

The oil makes the engine noise-free with smooth performance. It also reduces fuel consumption and makes driving more peaceful. Its ground-breaking technology makes it more reliable. The company also provides a 100% guarantee to the buyers.


  • Nano-technology
  • Suitable for all types of engine
  • Improve engine life
  • Good for old and new cars

2- Bar’s Leaks Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning and Leak Repair:


This product is a blend of synthetic ingredients that seal the leak parts of multiple engines. The synthetic formula makes this sealer the best choice for vehicle owners.

The Bar’s Leaks best quality is suitable for all diesel and gasoline engines such as trucks, vans, racing cars, hybrid, eco boost, and turbocharged.

This engine oil sealer is not only for vehicles also useful for boats, motorcycles, tractors, and RV’. It is recommended that the use of this sealer with every oil change vanish the engine leakage issue. Also, it reduces the oil burning and hazardous smoke from the engine. Minor leakage problem-solves through in one us. Read the instructions carefully about the usage for small and big engines.


  • Repairs leakage in one use
  • Stop burning oil
  • Suitable for multiple vehicle engines
  • Premium quality blend

3- SealLube – Stops Leaks: Gasoline Engines:


This fantastic product efficiently stops leaks in multiple fluid systems such as marine engines, Gasoline engines, diesel engines, farm tractors, manual transmissions, rack and pinion, power steering units, gear cases, A/C, and PTO valves.

SealLube has effectively refreshed the old shrink rubber seals and made them new, increased the rubber seal’s life, and avoided future leakage problems. It is suitable for both synthetic and conventional fluids.

The stops leaks made in USA and manufacturer gives 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Fast result
  • Revive plastic seals
  • Suitable for all types of fluid systems
  • Money-back guarantee

4- Liqui Moly 2332 Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Engine Oil:


Liqui Moly is a reliable lubricant for all types of vehicle engines. It provides an excellent cold-start at high and low temperatures. The unique formula protects the engine from wear. It avoids filth through catalytic converters. The product is made in Germany. The Liqui Moly reduces fuel consumption and safe the environment from pollution. The fully synthetic formula gives the engine long life with efficient working. It is perfect for all types of car engines include BMW Longlife-01.


  • Best cold-start
  • Full synthetic formula
  • Environment friendly
  • Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines

5- Rislone 4102 Concentrated Engine Treatment:


This product is best for engine treatment. Rislone has an ability of conditioner and cleaner that decrease friction and wear. It will help reduce the noise of the valve and lifter of a car engine.

This engine treatment removes all filth and protects it. Add this product on every oil change or when needed to provide a guarantee to clean the inner parts of engines.


  • Noise control
  • Reduce friction
  • Cleans and protect the engine 
  • The best choice for engine treatment

6- Lucas Oil LUC10679 10679 10W-30 Petroleum:


PRICE: $38.81, REVIEWS: 596, RATING: 5/5

Lucas is specially made with zinc that protects the engine inner part. The product has excellent features to reduce oil temperature. It is the best long-lasting lubricant with the best performance. It contains a Lucas additive that resists rust, corrosion and dry starts because of non-use of long period. Available in different grades. You can choose according to engine need. It minimizes engine fatigue and upgrades pressure in the worn engine.


  • It contains High-level zinc
  • Best protection
  • Rust, corrosion protection
  • Reduce engine fatigue
  • Lower oil temperature

7- Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage:


Valvoline full synthetic engine oil provides 50% extra wear protection with the help of an efficient anti-wear additive that reduces metal friction with a thick layer of safety that protects the engine 75,000 miles ahead.

It contains the best synthetic formula that degrades the exhaust system and safe the engine from damage, and lessens the chances of costly repairs.

Reduces the heat between moving parts and keep engine performance up to the mark at a greater distance. Provide 25% protection than industry standards as opposed to depositing. This products detergent formulation makes the engine clean and maintains performance. It also gives a new life to the ageing seal. Revive the seals and protect them from the leak. Overall the Valvoline full synthetic high mileage is the best engine oil for a car.


  • Good for high mileage
  • 50% extra wear protection
  • Heat resistance
  • Revive ageing seals

8- Mobil 1 Extended Performance:


Mobil 1 is one of the best engine oil for the car. Its advanced synthetic formula avoids sludge and deposit buildup. The unique synthetic formula protects the engine in the long run and reduces damage due to friction. Mobil 1 has excellent ability of oxidation resistance and temperature control. This product reduces fuel consumption. It is overall a perfect engine care solution. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicle engines.


  • Increase engine life
  • Quick start ability in cold weather
  • Oxidation resistant
  • Improved cleaning formula

9- Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection Conventional:


Shell Rotella T4 triple protection is made with an advanced formula for heavy-duty engine cars. It cleans the engine during prolonged oil drain intervals with its best quality. It will keep wear and deposited away and enhance engine life. Shell Rotella T4 is suitable for old and new engines. The low ash formula of this product makes a shield against particulates filters and exhaust catalysts that establish in new low emission vehicles. It provides outstanding performance to heavy-duty diesel engines.


  • Triple action formula
  • Perfect for diesel engines
  • Low ash formula
  • Enhance shear ability

10- Castrol 6144 GTX ULTRACLEAN 5W-30 Motor Oil, 1 Quart, 6 Pack:


Castrol is the best motor oil brand all over the world. Castrol GTX ultraclean has high-quality TriShield technology that saves the engine from sludge and deposits. It helps to keep the engine cleaner. It gives extreme protection to avoid viscosity and thermal breakdown. This engine oil lowers the friction and boosts engine life. It is the perfect engine oil for all kinds of motors.


  • Better protection from sludge
  • TriShield technology
  • Improve gas mileage
  • Keep engine clean
Q1: why engine oil necessary?

Answer: engine oil is essential because it keeps engine parts clean and provides a layer for protection from friction.

Q2: what are the benefits of engine oil?

Answer: lubricate inner parts of the engine, avoid sludge and rust, maintain the engine temperature, provide a seal to piston and cylinder liner, and improve engine performance.

Q3: When should I change my car engine oil?

Answer: it is recommended by car mechanics that engine oil should be changed minimum after every six months.

Q4: Which is the best engine oil for cars?

Answer: Castrol GTX, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, Shell Rotella, Valvoline full synthetic engine oil.


Better performance of your car engine make driving smooth and safe. For keeping your car engine up to the mark, you have to choose the best engine oil for your car that protects the engine from many problems and increase its life. You can get some better knowledge about the best engine oil for vehicles through this article. Your right choice makes your engine performance spectacular.

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